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Month: August 2016

Human Power And Artificial Intelligence



No other animals on this earth have the logical ability as the human being. The man has created and invented many things to ease his life. He even developed a device which can think, act and perform with logic as he does. Now in the present world, that device is operating even smarter than man sometimes. The electronic device that can reduce the human efforts to the minimal is none other than the computer and its artificial Intelligence.

The information of the computer mainly lies in its Central Processing Unit. CPU has got various numbers of components. All these elements together are constituted in a computer cabin case. It has got many functionality feeds in it for doing the calculation, analysis, and can also help in decision making, to store the information and what not. All this is possible only because of the components fixed in the computer box. Each of these hardware components can have its unique specialization. The hard disk can store the data, and the CD drive runs the CD when placed in the drive.

The human brain and the Computer are two different species that can work together for the information processing of any system. The computer power supply unit is to provide power that is necessary for the function of the hardware components. The various parts of the machine can have its functionalities depending on the instructions fed into the system. The fan is installed to cool the power supply unit. The motherboard which is the central part of all the drivers makes sure that all drivers (sound, video, cam, etc.) work properly.

RAM is useful for temporary storage. The speed of the system can depend on the RAM size; more size can help in the faster processing of data. Among all these components, power is the most essential for all the other parts to switch on. Nowadays, the smartphones, tablets and mobile PC’s are also available with high-speed RAM so that the can work faster like the PC. Many researchers in this world have been working hard to equate the artificial intelligence with the human brain. The artificial intelligence is the human creation and creating an artificial brain that can function exactly like the human brain is a challenge to the scientists.

Even though the computer can have huge storage capacity, it cannot have the ability to recognize and act like a human brain. The study of neurons can help the people to study more about artificial intelligence and to recreate a brain that can match the human mind. Virtual reality is one of the best examples of artificial intelligence, and the best known and popular example that most of the people believe and understand about the AI is Robotics. The primary expectation from the AI is the problem-solving skills which can happen in near future and an efficient manner.



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