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Month: April 2017

Security Precautions To Take For Your House When Going On Vacation

We all like to go on vacations. It gives us a break from everyday life and injects some joy in our lives. It is very rarely that we get vacation and we like to utilise it as much as possible. The only problem is whether our house is safe. Due to this fear most people prefer going on vacation to a close location or to leave the kids at home. When someone burgles your house you could lose many things and since no one’s at home, the thieves can enter multiple times. There are many steps we can take to make sure our house is safe. Here’s a list of security precautions to take for your house when going on vacation.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are one of the most successful security systems. Usually the security system is connected to the doors and windows in a house. Alarm systems have become cheaper and can easily be bought. If the house doors or windows are opened without a code or it is forcibly opened the alarm will ring. This will alert the neighbours and scare the thieves. You can also get the alarm to alert the authorities, who will then come to your house immediately. With this kind of system you don’t have to worry about your house. It will be protected without an issue.


CCTV is very useful to identify people. You can have the outdoor security camera around the house therefore all entry points are covered. In case of a burglary, the police can identify the suspects with footage. Further you won’t have to worry about their being a burglary because the mere sight of a perfect security camera is enough for burglars to stay away. This is because footage is indefinite proof and they can easily be tracked down.

You could also have use indoor security camera. This should be done when you already have CCTV outside the house. This acts as an added level of protection for your house. In case someone breaks into the house through the indoor camera you can identify where he went and what he took. Further it would be valuable to the police as he could leave DNA evidence. Visit 

Keep some lights on

Keeping the lights may be useful because it illuminates the house. This doesn’t mean have all the lights on because then the burglar can see what’s in the house but rather have automatic lights that work on sensors. When the sensor is triggered the light comes on. This way no one would want to go near the house. In case the lights get triggered your neighbours may wonder why and alert the authorities.

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